Silent-Whisper.Net or also known as Timid Network! It's a pleasure having you around.
 This domain is dedicated to everything I lovethat has nothing to do with Anime or Manga, but with everything else. So here I'll show all my sites that ara connected to this domain in somewayand naturally my fanlistings that are TFL approved.

This will also be a site where I'll give my suggestions, ideas, and tell you a bit more about myself. For instance, I'm the type of person who looks at restful sleeping as something important so I find myself searching for sites that give inputs on the best mattress for heavy people and other mattress tips, types, and promos.

Let's go back to the original topic (this site) -- The layout you are viewing right now it's 7th version layout, that features Raikou, Entei and Suicune from the Pokemon games Gold/Silver and the remakes Soul Silver/Heart Gold.

 Saya x Fan     of Me? x Catnip 




29th April 2010 - New layout out, and re-arranging everything in here.

Get in touch with me by emailing me here: info@silent-whisper.net

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